Thursday, 30 May 2019

Alleged "Nazi" Room

Rather than bother with fake questions that are clearly manufactured and falsely attributed to a non-existent "Mr X," I shall go straight to Chesham's responses to what, in fact, are his own questions.

"As you have not been very specific I shall just mention a few things to begin with regarding Sean’s nazi room which might clarify a few points. By the way – can I just ask that people do not use a capital letter when using the word nazi? As you can see from the photos, the nazi room bookshelves are packed with nazi books. There are occult books there as Sean was deep into the occult when we first met. As far as I know this is still so." — Kevin Chesham

The room was not a Nazi room. It was a storeroom for books and items that had accumulated down the decades. My library is on the ground floor. These books were in a room on the first floor. They comprised mostly history books, biographies and autobiographies which concentrated on the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Just as there were Lugers and Walthers, there were also Webleys and Smith & Wessons etc. All with deactivation certificates, needless to say. There were several flintlock pistols. 

I am a collector of antiques, artifacts, militaria, paintings, religious relics and sundry items from bygone ages. Mostly I collect objects up to and including the Edwardian period. Items from the First World War and Second World War I have kept in the aforementioned storeroom on display. These include pictures and books. There are certain items from World War Two that were given me by folk I knew when I was very young (who brought them back from Europe) on the proviso that I did not sell them on. I shall honour that request. My Napoleonic militaria and my Byronian artefacts (about which I regularly receive enquiries), including an inherited pair of duelling pistols, I shall not part with under any circumstances. Below is a cased pair of duelling pistols previously owned by Lord Byron.

My living quarters are restricted to nineteenth century and earlier material. Books for sale were kept on shelves in a place exhibiting collectables and militaria. Some material, eg supernatural titles, are duplicates of those books already held in my library. Most, however, are history books.

My collection of militaria and memorabilia began when I was fifteen or sixteen years' old, and was not uncommon with boys at that time, so very soon after the Second World War. When I later became involved with peace groups in the 1970s and 1980s, I found others who also shared my interest. I make no apology for having a certain fascination for the period into which I was born. It was commonplace. Today I am a Pax Christi representative, and I have opposed war throughout my life.

As for occult books, none were held in this room, save one or two that concentrated on the influence of the occult on some within the Third Reich. The shelves were packed with books that were duplicates of what I had in my library. These were on the subject of the folklore, hauntings, vampires, ghosts etc. This is probably what is being referred to as "occult." However, they were not occult books. Other books were critical of Nazism, apart from those gifted from time to time by Chesham who, despite being considerably younger than me, was obsessed with Fascism during all the time I knew him. He went out of his way to visit where Neo-Nazis congregated in Germany, had his photograph taken alongside an enormous picture of Adolf Hitler in Berlin, and befriended a leading Facsist by the name of Kerry Bolton when he lived in New Zealand. Chesham was a British Fascist.

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