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I live on the Dorset coast, England, while also retaining an ecclesial base in Glastonbury.

I do not support any political party, but once stood in May 1982 as an independent candidate in London council elections on a single platform to preserve an eleven acre woodland cemetery under threat from developers. I was supported by Spike Milligan and the Ecology Party. My campaign failed, despite a visit to Downing Street, but my actions led to the development being modified.

Married to a drama and dance graduate who is also an accomplished sculptress, I am a traditional Christian, episcopally consecrated by three Old Catholic Bishops on 4 October 1991.

A published author, photographer, expressionist artist, poet, musician, collector of the curious, and connoisseur of fine things, I have appeared regularly on television and radio in the past, mostly concerning spiritual and supernatural topics, but not always. I have also featured in documentaries for television and filmed dramas for art house cinema.

I view myself as radically old-fashioned and completely out-of-step with the modern world. 

On the matter at hand, to paraphrase William Blake, I find it far easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend guilty of betrayal.

David Farrant, someone regarded by many as on the Left-hand Path, and my mortal enemy, died on 8 April 2019. I forgave him instantly for all he had done and tried to do to cause me harm. Moreover, I requested that people pray for his soul. Kevin Chesham sought to aid and abet this man for over a decade. Pictures of my old collection were provided as a "Nazi" smear by Chesham to David Farrant and his friend Redmond McWilliams, both of whom gleefully published the link to Chesham's malicious blog as ammunition to incite hatred against me. Whether I could ever forgive Kevin Chesham for his lies and unfathomable treachery is something I must seriously doubt. Though he chose to enlist people on the dark side of the occult, I do not believe his actions have been driven by any external supernatural evil. He is driven by a tormented inner envy and resentment which has made him highly toxic. He desperately craved his fifteen minutes of fame, which is partly why he latched onto Farrant, but his infamy is spurned solely from being yet another Judas Iscariot.

— †Se├ín Manchester

(10 May 2019)

Had it not been for Redmond McWilliams, pictured in Highgate Cemetery with Kevin Chesham in 2013, I would not even know about the "Questions & Answers with Kev -1" which, albeit linking to Chesham's infamous hate blog, is nigh impossible to locate if you don't already have the URL. The date of Chesham's Q & A blog is 20 January 2013. The blogsite itself has only two followers, namely Kevin Chesham and "Ragety Ricketts," the latter being a pseudonym used by Beverley Mason. It is she who proffers questions under the unlikely guise of "Mr X" of Colchester, UK. They always did lack a creative streak, and, true to form, are hopeless with this piece of manufactured nonsense. Chesham answers the manufactured questions as himself. One wonders how anyone can by so stupid because, in doing so, he leaves himself open to a barrage of unsavoury revelations in rebuttal. His problem is that he expects his readers to merely take his word for everything. Most people do not.

The irony of Redmond McWilliams, who inadvertently brought this to my attention by posting it on Facebook, helping to unravel the Machiavellian Chesham, is not lost on me because McWilliams is actively homosexual and a Gay Rights campaigner. Though Chesham in recent years has pretended to support Gay Rights and did acquire several homosexual "friends" when he had a Facebook page, there is nobody I can recollect in my life as being more virulently and violently anti-homosexual than Kevin Chesham. When I first had the misfortune to accidentally and by force of circumstance come into contact with Chesham in the 1970s, I witnessed his behaviour toward an obviously homosexual man by the name of Len Delgaty who held a position of supervision on the local council which employed them both. How it failed to come to blows I still cannot quite grasp, but it very nearly did.

Chesham was fooling around, handstands and walking on his hands etc, on the paving stones close to the edge of an empty swimming pool at the lido where he worked for just one season. Delgaty promptly walked up to him and told him to stop messing about and get on with some work. Instantly, Chesham puffed out his chest and started squaring up to the supervisor who was all of six feet tall, albeit very thin. This was before the season had begun, and a handful of people were doing the preparatory painting and scraping etc. Chesham turned around to his workmates, referring to Delgaty as a "f---ing poof" and "pansy." I suppose it could have been worse if it came to fists. Chesham, to my certain knowledge, has always had an intense dislike, bordering on hatred, of "queers and dykes."

This has been disguised since 2007 as part of an agenda aimed at me which motive to this day I still cannnot comprehend. I was only kind and considerate toward him where others gave him the cold shoulder. I have never had any direct contact with Redmond McWilliams who was easily taken in by Chesham. However, I am a Christian with traditional beliefs, which would not endear me to McWilliams.

Nota Bene:

On 15 September 2018, I was obliged to issue a cease and desist notice to Redmond McWilliams of Connaught Gardens, Morden, Surrey SM4 6DB due to his persistent stalking/trolling of me and mine.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Alleged "Nazi" Room

Rather than bother with fake questions that are clearly manufactured and falsely attributed to a non-existent "Mr X," I shall go straight to Chesham's responses to what, in fact, are his own questions.

"As you have not been very specific I shall just mention a few things to begin with regarding Sean’s nazi room which might clarify a few points. By the way – can I just ask that people do not use a capital letter when using the word nazi? As you can see from the photos, the nazi room bookshelves are packed with nazi books. There are occult books there as Sean was deep into the occult when we first met. As far as I know this is still so." — Kevin Chesham

The room was not a Nazi room. It was a storeroom for books and items that had accumulated down the decades. My library is on the ground floor. These books were in a room on the first floor. They comprised mostly history books, biographies and autobiographies which concentrated on the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. Just as there were Lugers and Walthers, there were also Webleys and Smith & Wessons etc. All with deactivation certificates, needless to say. There were several flintlock pistols. 

I am a collector of antiques, artifacts, militaria, paintings, religious relics and sundry items from bygone ages. Mostly I collect objects up to and including the Edwardian period. Items from the First World War and Second World War I have kept in the aforementioned storeroom on display. These include pictures and books. There are certain items from World War Two that were given me by folk I knew when I was very young (who brought them back from Europe) on the proviso that I did not sell them on. I shall honour that request. My Napoleonic militaria and my Byronian artefacts (about which I regularly receive enquiries), including an inherited pair of duelling pistols, I shall not part with under any circumstances. Below is a cased pair of duelling pistols previously owned by Lord Byron.

My living quarters are restricted to nineteenth century and earlier material. Books for sale were kept on shelves in a place exhibiting collectables and militaria. Some material, eg supernatural titles, are duplicates of those books already held in my library. Most, however, are history books.

My collection of militaria and memorabilia began when I was fifteen or sixteen years' old, and was not uncommon with boys at that time, so very soon after the Second World War. When I later became involved with peace groups in the 1970s and 1980s, I found others who also shared my interest. I make no apology for having a certain fascination for the period into which I was born. It was commonplace. Today I am a Pax Christi representative, and I have opposed war throughout my life.

As for occult books, none were held in this room, save one or two that concentrated on the influence of the occult on some within the Third Reich. The shelves were packed with books that were duplicates of what I had in my library. These were on the subject of the folklore, hauntings, vampires, ghosts etc. This is probably what is being referred to as "occult." However, they were not occult books. Other books were critical of Nazism, apart from those gifted from time to time by Chesham who, despite being considerably younger than me, was obsessed with Fascism during all the time I knew him. He went out of his way to visit where Neo-Nazis congregated in Germany, had his photograph taken alongside an enormous picture of Adolf Hitler in Berlin, and befriended a leading Facsist by the name of Kerry Bolton when he lived in New Zealand. Chesham was a British Fascist.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Chesham Doth Protest Too Much

"We were informed by Sean initially that what we were looking at were 21st century history books. There were of course none there of a general nature, they were simply books about nazism and the occult. Then we learn that Sean runs a business from his house selling these items. Interesting news for you all I’m sure !!! And especially interesting for an alleged man of the cloth. Then it changes to having friends buy them for his grace as presents, and him not wanting to dispose of them. He did not of course have to build a library to show them !! But he does not want you to mention that. Then the next on the endless list is....Kev bought them!! Oh really!!-news to me. Let me state this:  I have NEVER bought or given Sean a nazi book (or any book on the occult.) NEVER have I even bought a book such as you see in his packed shelves." — Kevin Chesham

The simple fact of the matter, as can be attested by others who observed for themselves what the storeroom held, is that none of the books were about the occult, apart from a couple in relation to its influence on certain people within the Third Reich. Furthermore, the books were overwhelmingly published in the twentieth century, not the twenty-first century. They took up space. That is all.

I have never run a business, as described. If I had there would be evidence of it. Outlets such as eBay being an obvious place to sell such items. I did not build a library. I stored books not in use, and duplicates of other books, in a room where they were out of the way, but where they could also be sifted through should anyone want any of them. Likewise, objects of immense value due to their nature could be easily shown to individuals who might want to acquire them for their own collection.

I made it clear at the time that there were some items to which a degree of sentimental value was attached due to them being acquired during my childhood. These were mainly medals and such like.

It is quite true that Chesham has never bought me an occult book, or made a gift of anything vaguely esoteric. It is difficult to imagine why he would do so, as he knew nothing about such things, and showed no interest in the occult when I was in contact with him despite him being aware that I have investigated and written about the topic. I presented him and his wife, Beverley Mason, with copies of The Highgate VampireThe Grail Church and my novel Carmel. They made no comment. I doubt they even read these books. If they did, they showed no interest in their content. Carmel has some reference to Nazism, which he might have taken against, as these were critical and uncomplimentary.

Chesham's entire life has been spent posing with Third Reich items when not reading about Fascism or listening to Nazi marching songs. The only DVDs he ever gave me were about Hitler, prefaced with "I don't know if you'll be interested in something like this, but I have another copy and don't need this one." For years, when not buying such items online, he used a Fascist bookshop in Kent to obtain a lot of the books he gifted to me. They would almost certainly have a record of his many purchases. When Kevin Chesham and Beverley Mason moved address we would receive through the post from them a pre-war image of the leader of the British Union of Fascists at the top their notice. I wonder how many other people received the same change of address post-its? See image below:

Moreover, it is around the time that I gave them my novel that we noticed an undercurrent of difficult to explain hostility. My friends and I attributed this to him taking steroids, which he did periodically.

The only books/booklets on Nazism I have ever received was from one person, ie Kevin Chesham. What singled them out from other books gathering dust on my shelves was that they were pro-Nazi.

I had no idea what Chesham wanted, but as for friendship it is a fact that despite the many times he was a guest in our home where he was looked after with specially prepared vegetarian cuisine, which only he and his wife demanded, he did not once reciprocate. In all the years I knew him I was not once invited to any place he has resided. He was an invited guest to my wedding. Yet I was not invited to either of his two weddings, which tells me that he probably never did regard me as his friend despite my willingness to always help him and his wife. What is less easy to comprehend is the unprovoked way in which he turned his back on a convivial acquaintanceship to become an incorrigible liar out to cause me, my wife and friends as much harm as possible. It makes no sense.

Kevin Chesham started off as an angry young man, and has continued through his life the same way, becoming today an angry old man harbouring incredible bitterness for no reason. It is all very sad.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Hate, Hyperbole and Hysteria

"I can mention though that Sean has given ME numerous books, many of which are currently in safekeeping in north London. Within many of these books are hand written notes. One book which might be of particular interest was given to me in 2007 after the nazi room ‘private view’. The title of the book is HATE, and it is by William H Schmaltz. It is a book about George Lincoln Rockwell, a US nazi. With it Sean gave me a copy of the obituary of one John Tyndall who died in 2005. He says in an accompanying note that this obituary was posted on one of the numerous websites/blogs that he used on the day of his death in July 2005. This aside, it seems then in the deluded world of Sean that I (Kev) bought the books !! Well if I did, returning to my earlier point,  why did Sean feel the need to build his huge library to hold them???" — Kevin Chesham

Books given by me to Kevin Chesham and Beverley Mason were chiefly those I had written, and perhaps one or two random publications concerning music and spiritual matters. None were political or Nazi-orientated, save the one titled Hate (published in 1999). The distinction between Hate and the publications given me by Chesham is that Schmaltz's biography of George Lincoln Rockwell from me was anti-Nazi, and the books I received from Chesham as gifts were without exception pro-Nazi.

George Rockwell, head of the American Nazi Party, confronts Martin Luther King. 
Within three years of this confrontation, both of them would be assassinated.

The Foreword to Hate by William H Schmaltz is George Victor (author of Hitler: The Pathology of Evil) who says the following (in the ultimate paragraph): "The next American Hitler may be less crude, less openly destructive, and less self-destructive that George Rockwell was. He may be a more effective person and a more charismatic leader. Most Germans recognized the danger in Hitler only when it was too late. The greatest contribution of Schmaltz's book is the help it provides to recognize the next Hitler and the threat he poses before he gains power — before it is too late."

The book I gave to Kevin Chesham is primarily designed to shake the complacency of people who think a Nazi-like state can't happen here. The books and booklets Chesham gave to me are designed to promote a Nazi-like state in our land. Many of these gifts were purchased by Chesham from  a specialist Fascist distributor, Steven Books of Canterbury, Kent. They include titles such as Horst Wessel: His Life and Death, Germany: The Key to Europe, Hitler, Christianity & the Third Reich, Government of Tomorrow, A Policy for Britain, Tomorrow We Live, The Making of a Welsh Fascist, Firing Line, and many more. He presented me with a hardback autobiography of Diana Mosley, and countless tomes by Oswald Mosley on whom he literally doted. His correspondence was full of praise for the leader of the British Union of Fascists. Oswald Mosley's BUF became his personal obsession.

Hate was given to Chesham in person on an occasion when he visited us in Dorset. There was no accompanying note or reference to the former British National Party leader John Tyndall who has not featured or been mentioned on any of my blogs or websites. Knowing that Chesham had such a keen interest in the BNP (he and his wife claimed before witnesses at our home to be members of the BNP), I naturally sent him an e-mail to apprise him of Tyndall's death, but I am sure he already knew.

The small library storing unused books on the first floor was modest compared to those downstairs.

Chesham claims that handwritten notes were contained in books I gave him. Yet he fails to (a) mention their content, or (b) produce any of them in facsimile. I can certainly produce reams of correspondence where Kevin Chesham extols the virtues of Sir Oswald Mosley and British Fascism.

Below is correspondence written in August 1998 from Chesham to someone who had provided him with recordings of speeches made by the leader of the British Union of Fascists, and also what most probably was recordings of Nazi marching music. Not content to address the sender as "comrade" in this context, Chesham signs off with words in German. The use of the word "Brother," employed all the time by him in correspondence to people, was common among Blackshirt members of the British Union of Fascists. Oswald Mosley himself would address his men as "My Brother Blackshirts ..."

Why did Kevin Chesham enter into a relationship with Kerry Bolton, pictured above, the founder of the Order of the Left Hand Path who had been a member of the Temple of Set (a breakaway group with neo-Nazi sentiments that split from the Church of Satan) who at the time was secretary of the New Zealand Fascist Union and in 2004 became the secretary of the New Zealand National Front?

Why did he remain in correspondence with Kerry Bolton after he had returned to Great Britain in the latter half of the 1990s and ignore all my warnings about this man and his neo-Nazi-satanic ideology?

Monday, 27 May 2019

A Portrait of Hypocrisy

The unpleasant spectre of Kevin Chesham has now faded entirely from our lives. His uncomfortably stiff demeanour has dissolved. Mutual acquaintances never mention him in conversation. He made no impact on their lives and certainly none on ours. We occasionally received material through the post with the familiar datestamp and recognisable handwriting on the envelope. They were disposed of unopened and unread in a suitable receptacle for rubbish. They now appear to have stopped. He nevertheless persists with uploading filched photographs with accompanying misdescriptions, falsely suggesting that I am his friend. The truth is that Chesham lost the very few friends he had a long time ago owing to his betrayal of them all. The people in photographs he has published on the internet are not his friends, and have not been for quite a number of years. This is entirely down to his treacherous behaviour. He turned on those who had hitherto only shown him kindness and generosity, and he did so under no provocation and for no apparent reason, save what lurks in the darkest recesses of a devious mind. Why does he publish images of people he describes as his "friends" when they are clearly not? Vintage pictures of him and I, for example. It is a puerile game that he seems to take a perverse pleasure in playing. Others see it for exactly what it is. Chesham's many lies and deceitful actions have rid him of any friends he might have once enjoyed. His motives are known to him and him alone. We can only speculate why he acts the way he does. The darkness he embraces has extinguished the light in his being. Like his mentor and collaborator whom he allied himself with in a futile attempt to cause people like myself harm, Kevin Chesham has become an empty shell whose void is filled with something sinister. In hindsight he was always a wrong 'un.

My mistake was to invest such trust in so obvious a blaggard who was perhaps always destined to betray those who offered him the hand of friendship. I know he has done it to others in the past. The scoundrels he colludes with will discover to their cost that no honour dwells within him.

As many have remarked, my portrait of him reveals both the emptiness and sadness of the man; something he shares in common with those he turned to in an attempt to inflict harm on me and mine. The picture ceased to be exhibited as a portrait of him after his betrayal became known, but was later re-exhibited as a depiction of both a fool and a traitor. It is captioned both "Fool" and "Judas."

There is another abiding image of Chesham; one which he cannot deny; one bearing his humourless features with an outstretched arm, as his grave expression betrays something irrational and maniacal.

This  is the image that will remain when others are effaced by time. It is a portrait of gross hypocrisy.

Sunday, 26 May 2019

Triumph of the Will

Why is Kevin Chesham standing alongside a very large picture of Adolf Hitler in Berlin in 2004?

Kevin Chesham always viewed himself as being on the periphery largely because he was on the periphery. Following his disgraceful behaviour toward my wife, friends, and, not least, myself, he is now not even on the periphery, having excommunicated himself in what is just one of a myriad of catastrophic choices he has made throughout a life that he chose to turn into a struggle. So be it.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

A Complicated Set of Mental Health Conditions

The above picture was not taken digitally. It was taken by a 35mm film camera and the image is from a colour negative, so it would be very easy indeed to demonstrate its absolute authenticity. The background has been blacked out digitally to make the subject stand out, but that is all that has happened to the image which is otherwise 100% as the original and genuine. In a response (from the safety of Abu Dhabi, UAE) to my rebuttals, Kevin Chesham claimed on 29 January 2013:

"I most certainly was not giving – and HAVE NEVER GIVEN - a nazi salute in my life. On or OFF camera. ... I think anyone can see that ‘my’ right arm has been removed and replaced with a superimposed image of someone else’s arm. ... Not only has he soldered on a false arm – but an entire torso. Within my memory, although I have had a whole load of sporting kits over the years,  I have never owned or worn an England football shirt/ jumper or whatever it is." 

He adds: "If you blow the photo up to 150% or so you can clearly see the fuzziness around my neckline – not visible in any other part of the photo where the ‘cut and shut’ has been more crudely executed."

Any "fuzziness" would be due to the background being blacked out around the outline. Here is the original high resolution picture (taken by a 35mm camera) minus the background blacked out:

I invite experts in photographic manipulation to view the outline of Kevin Chesham's head, arms and body in the high resolution images on view. There is no fuzziness. His shadow falls exactly as you would expect. Also, compare his hands with his hands in other photographs, which he accepts are genuine. They are his hands; the same as the hand seen saluting. Meanwhile, he completely ignores his correspondence (reproduced elsewhere) extolling the virtues of Fascism. This correspondence is very clearly in his own distinctive handwriting and bears his distinctive style.

Here are words offered in a letter attributed to a certain "Mr A Boggins" - transparently written by Chesham himself - containing sick statements to enable him to respond in the way he wants:

"I see there is a picture of you in an England shirt, apparently giving a nazi salute. With no disrespect or prejudice to the disabled intended, I notice that your right arm is significantly shorter than your left in this photo, and that your hand is the size of a small child’s. This is not the case in any other photos of yourself which I have seen. Do or did you ever suffer from a malformation of the right arm (possibly congenital) which has since been corrected? And if so, did this affect your sporting career in any way? Of course, given the heavy use of terribly executed photoshop attempts in the rest of the blog, another explanation could be that you were not giving a nazi salute with your suddenly disfigured right arm at all, but that arm in question had been digitally 'soldered on'."

Andy Boggins was a real person who died several years ago. Chehsam would have been given his name by Farrant who heard it mentioned by Tony Hill (the only one to have actually been acquainted with Boggins) around the time Farrant was residing in Hill's coal bunker (August 1969 — August 1970). Farrant has used the nomenclature previously in spoof posts on the internet, and clearly passed it on to Chesham for the purpose of "authenticating" the bogus message from a dead man.

Kevin Chesham was also fed further nonsense about my status in the 1960s, but what he describes, minus the "floor-sweeping" aspect, is Tony Hill's occupation at that time. Hill was a milkman who worked for me part-time during afternoons in the darkroom of my studio where I employed a full-time staff of approximately five people with additional workers as Saturday staff. There was also a cleaner who came in five mornings a week before the studio opened who was given her own set of keys. She was usually gone before I arrived to open the studio half an hour before my staff arrived. Chesham attributes quotes to Hill (obviously denied by him as ever having been uttered), and claims he visited me regularly in the early 1980s and was invited into my darkroom on many occasions. That's odd because I only saw Chesham once in the first half of the 1980s, which was on Hampstead Heath at a public event attended by a radio journalist and a large crowd. During that period I lived first in Southgate and then Hampstead Garden Suburb. He visited me at neither residence. The first visit I received from him was in the latter half of the 1980s after I had relocated to the outskirts of London in South Hertfordshire. None of these addresses contained a darkroom.

Kevin Chesham further claims that I stole a picture taken of him in Berlin standing next to a large poster of Adolf Hitler when, in fact, he sent it to me in a white sheet of paper folded around it inside another envelope containing a cover letter in which he proudly mentions his visit. Presumably the image was sent because of my interest in history and modest collection of memorabilia, but I have since realised it was all part of a strategy following his association with Kerry Bolton in the wake of his stroke and time spent living in New Zealand. I sensed a personality transplant on those few occasions he visited my wife and I when really what I was witnessing was the behaviour of someone steadily becoming more and more unbalanced. To top it all, he claims on his blog that a CIA agent probably took the picture of him standing alongside a massive photograph of Adolf Hitler in Berlin. He also laughingly describes himself as "a military man." Further evidence, if evidence were needed, that he has entered a fantasy world where he has started to believe his lies.

"I have never owned or worn an England football shirt/ jumper or whatever it is." — Kevin Chesham

In another blog entry - posted within days of his unconvincing denial of giving a Nazi salute while wearing the above attire - he proclaims: "Getting mixed up with a cult to can happen to the best of us – and I should know: it happened to me!" Chesham compares the cult he was mixed up with to "Scientology, the Manson Family and the Branch Davidians." The "cult," should anyone be in doubt, is apparently the Catholic Church, which might come as a surprise because Chesham is not a Christian, much less is he a Catholic. He has never been a Christian, nor has he ever claimed to be one. Yet now we find him speaking as if he was on the inside of some Christian sect despite religion having never being a topic of conversation on those occasions he visited, invited or not, to celebrate whatever occasion it happened to be at our residence. This is a desperate attempt on his part to excuse his paranoid and irrational behaviour since teaming up with those on the dark side.

Kevin Chesham goes on to say: "I was inadvertently visiting a retreat for survivors of satanic cults. I never met any of these people or saw any evidence that they had been staying."

In the past, we were very occasionally approached by various churches to shelter individuals who had been victims who had survived satanic groups, covens, sects etc and might otherwise be at risk. This was owing chiefly to my work investigating such cults and, of course, From Satan To Christ that was published after I was no longer able to operate covertly in that field because it became unsafe. The address of our private retreat on the south coast was generally unknown up until Easter 2002 at which time it was betrayed by someone who was privy to it. We now know that person was Chesham.

Unsolicited mail of a vaguely threatening nature began to arrive bearing a London postmark. It was handed to WPC Suzie Cregan who opened a crime file on our behalf in Dorset. Alarm bells should have started to ring when an item arrived on Tuesday April 23rd (St George's Day) of that year with insufficient stamps and a single word comprising its message. The word was: "Moving?" The message was sent by David Farrant, a man convicted in the 1970s of crimes at Highgate Cemetery, including desecration and vandalism, and attempting to pervert the course of justice evinced by sending police witnesses voodoo death dolls in a separate case involving his friend John Pope who was found guilty of sexual assault. Farrant received a jail sentence of four years and eight months.

The possibility of relocation soon after the beginning of the new century was a topic sometimes mentioned, and two of the people we mentioned it to were a Kevin Chesham and Beverley Mason who took an extraordinary interest in the possibility of us moving to somewhere as yet undisclosed. They always made a point of raising it every time we heard from them, or when we saw them on the infrequent occasions they visited. In the event, we did not relocate but rather established an interest elsewhere whilst retaining the retreat. Yet for the next couple of years Chesham and his wife found little else to talk about in our company. When they finally realised the retreat would remain unsold with nothing disclosed about other interests they started to become agitated. This was most apparent when they attended a celebration dinner in my honour in July 2007, which was the last year we came into contact with them. We do not permit smoking at the retreat, but on this occasion we were mostly seated in the sun lounge abutting the garden with the doors wide open. The wife of Tony Hill, who was seated next to these open doors, happened to start smoking. Everyone had long since finished eating, but Chesham and his wife took umbrage, gathered their bags and jackets together, and stormed out in an almighty huff. This was the first time that Hill and Chehsam had been together in our home. It would also be the last time. Chesham was extremely nervous from the moment he discovered Hill's presence. They did not speak to each other. Hill, of course, was around at the time of Chesham's rewritten past and would easily dismiss this history as complete and utter fabrication.

It was also not too long after this occasion in July 2007 that collusion would become all too apparent between Kevin Chesham and David Farrant. They are in many ways mentally and emotionally alike.

Thus we accepted up until Lent 2002 those who needed our help by providing the safe haven or sanctuary needed. The reason we did so is because we were asked, and the rooms were available. It did not happen often, but the moment our address was compromised we could no longer continue. Chesham, needless to say, "never met any of these people" because it would have defeated the object of the exercise if he had, which, in the circumstances, would have been somewhat difficult as he was mostly living abroad prior to Lent 2002.

Chesham goes full tilt with his next rant, which is a clear example of transference, ie reproduction of emotions relating to repressed experiences, especially of childhood, and the substitution of another person for the original object of the repressed impulses: 

"As eccentricity blossomed into a complicated set of mental health conditions, so the need became greater for Sean to assuage his growing paranoia that the rest of the world thought he was nuts and was against him, by surrounding himself with an ever tighter-knit group of who he considered to be ‘loyal followers.’ The distinction between followers and friends here is very important. To Sean they are the same thing. How can I explain this? Whether due to difficulties making friends at school, some developmental problems, or perhaps some kind of autism Sean does not really seem to understand what real friendship is about. For him friendship seems to be some kind of contract, some perfunctory almost legal arrangement devoid of any natural feeling and mutual respect and focusing only on what use other people can be to him." 

It is impossible for me, my wife or our friends to imagine any circumstance in which Chehsam proved to be of any use to us or indeed anyone. I, on the other hand, was expected to write references for him and his wife when either of them applied for new employment. Mason relied on my reference, for example, when she became a head teacher, but these positions never seemed to last long before another job was being sought. I would receive telephone calls from prospective employers asking for character references after they had received my written one. Beverley would take highly paid jobs in Arab counties, eg Kuwait, where she worked as a private teacher. They lived for a while in Cairo, Egypt, due to the high income her teaching attracted, but these places were ultimately undesirable, and so they emigrated to New Zealand. I would receive reference requests from various local authorities at such times Chesham was in the UK. These would invariably be for pool attendant jobs. He even asked me to provide references for people I had never met who needed a professional person as a guarantor. I did so in order to try and help a stranger. He understood, as do all those who know me, that I would never turn anyone down if I can be of assistance.

It is most curious for them now to claim that I focus on what use they are to me because in all the years I have known Kevin Chesham he has excluded me from everything he has done. While I from time to time have included him on our guest lists, wined and dined him and his wife, and even invited him to our wedding (though he only turned up for the reception), not once has he asked me to join him for a meal; not once has he invited me and mine back to his home. In fact, the last couple of addresses where he lived in Essex were withheld from us. However, no sooner had Kevin Chesham and his wife met Farrant than the latter was invited to spend Christmas with them. I have never asked anything from Kevin Chesham or Beverley Mason, but have always been available to give my help whenever and wherever it was called upon. This will be attested by all our mutual acquaintances.

Kevin Chesham is regarded as being every bit as paranoid as was David Farrant (above) by those who have known him. He distrusts everyone and is suspicious of everything, as his correspondence down the years certainly confirms. It is interesting that Chesham mentions "making friends at school" and "developmental problems" because that is exactly what we ascertained about him from quite early on, ie he had no friends throughout his childhood and early life which, to say the least, was, according to others, problematic. I do not wish to elaborate on such matters openly, but his first wife, Cyrena, and one or two people he worked alongside in the 1970s, have hinted at an exceptionally traumatic and troubled past while Chesham was still quite young. I have never known him to ever find a proper friend, which is why I went out of my way to befriend him as best as I could. In the end, it did no good. He reverted to type and whatever darkness dwells deep inside him eventually found fruition as he entered into unholy pacts of personal malice with sinister people. To attempt to make sense of such behaviour is a pointless quest. All one can do is recognise it.

It begs the question of how many more lies Chesham can pile on top of all the others? I imagine quite a few given the direction he has been heading. I feel what has been provided, however, is more than adequate to demonstrate his blatant dishonesty, moral bankruptcy and total betrayal of people.


I live on the Dorset coast, England, while also retaining an ecclesial base in Glastonbury. I do not support any political party, ...